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Marina Asylum:
Timeline - Day 10 to Day 100
Timeline - Day 100 onwards
IC contact post
Relationship chart:
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This is a roleplaying journal for Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima from Air Gear. If you need to contact me or leave crit of any kind, feel free to use this post!

Timezone: AEST (GMT +10)
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Please note that my Plurk is private and I require some way of knowing who you are before I will add you.
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Destiri - IC contact post

"Hi~! Akito here. You've reach me and Agito's voicemail, which means we can't get your call right now. Leave a message and we'll get back to you~"

This is an IC contact post for Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima at Destiri! If you need to contact him ICly via one of the following, feel free to comment here with the method of contact in the subject heading.

+ Text message
+ Call
+ Voicemail
+ Email
+ Actual mail

Akgido is required to go to school. He's living in Red Fox apartments, in Suite 101

Marina: IC contact post

This is a generic post for Akito, Agito and Lind, letting your characters contact them when something isn't big/long enough to warrant a new post and I don't have an open post at the time for them.

Remember that now that they're separate, you can send to one or the other, as well as private to a specific kid.

Only thing I ask is you put the Day number in the title, so I can place these things in time order for archiving purposes, as well as any possible filter things.

IC post - Prom threads

((OOC: Due to Marina's prom post hitting the max comment limit, all prom continue threads may go here! Just copypaste your last tag and link to the main thread on the comm, and I'll get to tagging it ASAP!

Additionally, if you wish to tag Akgi and never did, the following were their two open threads. Just leave which one it was in the heading!))


[Akito and Agito are both hanging around the place, mostly together so Agito doesn't get too annoyed with everything. The shark is not pleased, but he's doing this for his other. Only reason. They can be found wandering around, chatting quietly and talking about other people's outfits. If by talking you mean Akito's on non-stop chatter mode and Agito's listening and being amused]


[Every now and then, Akito leaves his other by the wall, and goes off to dance by himself. He's enjoying himself, but someone to dance with would be even better~!]

Character survey

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )

Thought logs

Generic post for thought logs used to clear out the headspace.

As a generic warning, most of these are usually done because the muse/s is/are ridiculously upset about something, so most will be very depressing.

Character Essay

In depth look at Akito, Agito and Lind's personalities and quirks. Spoiler heavy and long like woa. Contains: History, Personality. )

Timeline - Marina Asylum (Day 100 onwards)

Marina timeline )

Timeline - Marina Asylum (Day 10 to Day 100)

Marina Timeline )

Relationship Chart - Agito

Agito's Relationship Chart for Marina Asylum )

Relationship Chart - Akito

Akito's Relationship Chart for Marina Asylum )



Relationship in a nutshell: ♥♥♥♥♥ to XXXXX (love to hate)
- Akito:
- Agito:
- Lind:
- ⚡ used as separators


Last updated: June 25th 2011

Relationship Chart )

Please comment if you'd like more detailed information~ Or if I've accidentally left you off the list sob.

Head-canon notes

When it comes to Akito, Agito and Lind, and the pathetic amount of info on them given by canon, I have a rather extensive head-canon that's formed. Some may sound odd, and feel free to discuss with me any of these points, as they're subject to change.


Head-canon info )

Application for Marina

Application - Marina Asylum )

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